Tuesday, 7 June 2011

In This World small gestures can sometimes be the most powerful...

Over the next few months Old Man River will hand fold and deliver to the people of Japan 1,000 paper cranes. To be a part of this symbolic gesture, read on...

In 2008/09 Old Man River became the only Australian music artist in decades to reach # 1 in Japan on both their local and international charts. As a result of his subsequent profile, touring and workload, Ohad made many personal friends, and connected with Japan in a deep manner. Like many of us, the recent events witnessed have deeply affected Ohad and he wants to contribute to the country’s healing.

To show your support:

■ Watch the below video for instructions from Ohad on how to make a paper crane and make your own Origami Crane. Download Paper in the download section at www.1000cranesforjapan.net, write a personal message on your crane and post it to Hub Artist Services, 9 Rangers Rd. Neutral Bay, NSW 2089.

■ Write a Message For Old Man River's 1000 Cranes in the LEAVE A MESSAGE section on the website and Old Man River will make a crane with your message written inside it.

■ Donate to the Red Cross Japanese Pacific Tsunami Appeal

Follow Old Man River on www.facebook.com/oldmanrivermusic for diary updates on his progress with making the cranes, photos of cranes, and messages from around the country and much more.

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