Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tiki releases "Freedom To Sing"

Tiki is giving away his latest single "Freedom To Sing (Live)" for free!

The new track is inspired by a controversial event at one of Tiki's R18 concerts at the Illuminati Super Club in Tauranga this year which saw him being arrested by local police. Early on in the April concert, Tiki sang lines from an "anti-police" song by political US rap group NWA and was arrested after his gig with an officer claiming he was attempting to "incite a riot" while singing the lyrics.

"Freedom To Sing (Live)" is the first live recording to be released of the 60 minute free concert Tiki held last month when he returned to Illuminati Club after the arrest. Though the track has been touted by some media as "tongue in cheek" and "a protest song", Tiki maintains it is a positive track and an artistic expression of his experience of the whole incident which he acknowledges has been "unfortunate".

"Mad love to my whanau, and all my fans for your incredible support. Its so amazing to read all your positive emails and facebook comments. I will need your support more than ever, so play it loud and proud, for this is our freedom to sing" - TIKI

Download the FREE single exclusively from the Tikidub online store HERE

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