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Hailing from Taylor, Mississippi, the enigmatic Dent May will release his awaited sophomore album ‘Do Things’ on June 15.

Dent , discovered by Animal Collective while they were recording their album ‘Merriweather Post’ in nearby Oxford, released his ebullient debut ‘The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele’ on Animal Collective’s label Paw Tracks. It quickly became one of the most feel-good indie-pop delights of 2008.

Dent May charmed audiences here in Australia in 2010 while playing a string of East Coast shows, accompanied by his trusty sidekick Robert Chisolm. Fast forward to 2012, and Dent is gearing up to unleash his sophomore album ‘Do Things’, which showcases incredible musical talent as he plays the entire album himself, recorded in sessions split between his bedroom and a small rural cabin in Oxford, Mississippi. Although sporting similar sensibilities to his debut, this album sees May ditch the ukulele and replace it with a string of 60’s pop-inflected tunes. 

Described  as "Pet Sounds for the Smirnoff Ice generation" and "A wedding reception band on acid" by the artist himself,  ‘Do Things’ continues to purvey the same heavy helpings of sentiment as Dent’s debut, while maintaining a contemplative yet optimistic demeanour. 

Songs like ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Don’t Wait Too Long’ are lent a funky, sprightly groove through the use of synths and layered vocals, conjuring images of soft-lit rooms and mirror balls. When not grooving along ‘Do Things’ bops and sways along the psych-pop avenues of ‘Tell Her’ and the ascending melodies of ‘Find It’. Underneath the shiny veneer of synthesizer filigrees and harmonious coos, May focuses on such timeless subjects as the nature of friendship, finding purpose in a world that seems devoid of it, and dealing with insistent feelings of malaise.

Here’s what the critics have said:
“May’s croon could almost be a young Elvis Costello, and his music fits between sun-faded bossa nova and faded country-swing… a lovely selection of nerdy, ukulele-led tunes”

“Perfect combination of tongue-in-cheek lyrics and honeyed ’50s-style songwriting. Honestly, there isn’t a weak track on this album.”
– mX (4 stars)

“One of the most sunny and enjoyable albums in recent memory… Dent May’s feel good music is somehow able to sound both entirely familiar and completely original as he mixes his fantastic voice with swing, tropicalia, doo-wop, jazz horns, strings, pedal steel and, of course, his ukulele.”

“Guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of even the saddest cynic - sharp, clean-cut and clever”

Full of stylistic changes but retaining May’s singular voice, ‘Do Things’ is a great step forward for the pop devotee. Watch the clip for ‘Best Friend’ here:

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