Thursday, 26 September 2013

Islands release SKI MASK and drop album mockumentary

Islands have just released their fifth studio album SKI MASK, an album which according to founding memenber Nick Thorburn ‘is kind of a culmination of all the different things we’ve done over the years,” says Thorburn. “It’s like a summation of Islands, everything we’ve ever done distilled into one record. It’s basically an essential introduction to Islands—it’s everything we’ve ever been about.”

Whatr the critics are saying...
"While the overall product is in line with the gentle, often hushed pub rock of A Sleep, the infusion of tropical elements (the rattle of the xylophone, the glitchy synth akin to horns) draw back to more rollicking bits of Vapours and Arm’s Way." - Consequence of Sound

"Wave Forms' is short, sweet and seems to find the band in a good place." - MTV Hive

"'Wave Forms,' the album’s first single, is a florid and idiosyncratic pop song, one built from pianos and keyboards and lush studio orchestrations." - Stereogum

"'Wave Forms' is proof that Islands still have some beautiful, hooky music left in them. It's one of their most concise and confident singles since Return To The Sea, decked out with a sneaky riff and excitable chorus that let us know back in 2006 that the Unicorns' legacy was in good hands." Pitchfork:

To celebrate the release the band just dropped a short album mockumentary featuring the likes of Michael Cera,Bill Hader plus a bunch of other familiar faces...

Check it out!

SKI MASK is out NOW!

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