Friday, 13 May 2016


Ball Park Music are back! It’s been a short hiatus for one of Australia’s most loved acts, and now the band is ready to announce new music.

Fans were treated to a special surprise in the form of a wild and hypnotic video for the teaser track ‘Pariah’. The sprawling and jammy 7:11 opus is the epic first cut from Ball Park Music’s new album, due for arrival mid year.

Watch the video for ‘Pariah’ HERE

Now Ball Park Music are excited to unveil the first official single from said new album - ‘Nihilist Party Anthem’. 

Front man Sam Cromack had this to say about the song.

"'Nihilist Party Anthem' is kinda like the antithesis of 'It's Nice To Be Alive'. This song is saying, 'Hey, look, I'm getting older now and I'm finding life to be weird, depressing, awful and pointless. But what can you do? Let's just kick back and enjoy it for what it is (it's terrible btw)'. I remember reading about Nihilism in high school and thinking it was super dark and cool. Then I forgot about it for a while. Recently I discovered this page called Nihilist Memes and it's hilarious. It's a new anchor for my sense of humour. I like laughing at death, at misery, at all things foul. When I say, 'Life is awful' I don't see it as a selfish statement that pertains only to me; I see it as a shared thing. I am sharing this awful life with everyone. I'm a cat in a cowboy hat and this is my Nihilist Party Anthem".

Stream ‘Nihilist Party Anthem’ HERE

'Pariah’ and ‘Nihilist Party Anthem’ are the first new pieces of music from the band since 2014’s hugely successful album Puddinghead – an album that scored them an iTunes # 1 and an ARIA # 2.

The new music also arrives just in time to coincide with the band’s latest Sold Out 2016 tour. 

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